Community Foundation of Canada

We are Canada's Community FDN. Community vitality has been our purpose, promise, and passion since 1921, when we started connecting individuals and organizations to community needs and opportunities.

We are the Canadian movement for community vitality, with more than 191 Community FDN across the country. We are connected by our national network, Community Foundation  of Canada, and together, we help Canadians invest in building strong and resilient places to live, work and play.

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About CFC

Community Foundations of Canada is the national network for Canada’s 191 community foundations. Together we help Canadians invest in making our communities better places to live, work and play. More than 85% of Canadian communities have access to a community foundation – from our largest cities to our smallest towns. Collectively we hold combined assets of more than $4.6 billion and we’ve put hundreds of millions back into communities over our 94-year history.

We put the strength of our philanthropic network to the best possible use for our communities and our country. We’re championing the issues that matter to Canadians with an eye on the change we can make, now and for future generations. We’re exploring new ways to make a collective impact hand-in-hand with partners who share our vision.

What is a community foundation?

Community foundations contribute time, leadership and financial support to local initiatives, helping people give back where their communities need it most.

With an intimate knowledge of local priorities, community foundations champion what matters most by directing grants, expertise, leadership, and other investments towards everything from shelter, education, and care for those in need, to the arts, environment and recreation.

How do community foundations work?

Community foundations play a crucial role in how people give back where communities need it most. We connect people, families and companies with causes that inspire them. We pool resources, knowledge and expertise, working with others for even greater impact.  And we help donors realize their philanthropic goals by matching their interests with community needs and finding innovative ways to make every donation count.

Get involved to help us make a bigger, broader impact on Canadian communities from coast to coast to coast.