Yes, I would like to support my community

by contributing to the Prince Albert and Area Community Foundation.

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Donor Advised Funds

  • MNP LLP PRINCE ALBERT PARTNERS SOCIAL CAPITAL ACCOUNT - Recently established Community Fund, created by Meyers, Norris, Penny partners.  All fund recipients must be qualified Donees, including Registered Charities, as required by Revenue Canada.

  •  GAIL HARTSOOK FUND – Recently established by her family in memory of Gail Hartsook.  The purpose is to support charitable activities and organizations that are within the objectives of the Foundation and more specifically, (1) School of Social Work – First Nations  (2) SUNTEP – Scholarships  (3) Prince Albert Safe Shelter, and (4) Children’s Haven.  Go to "Scholarships" page for details.

                               More information on the criteria to access and availability of these funds coming soon.


Prince Albert & Area Community Foundation

PO Box 291

Prince Albert SK    S6V5R5

Telephone:  +1.306.764.9108


What if I want to designate my Donation?


How would donations be spent in 2017?

Agency endowment fund minimum $10,000

- Set up by a charitable organization for their own purposes. Anyone can contribute to the fund and the earnings would be paid directly to the charity.

Designated fund - $5,000 Minimum
- select the organization to receive the proceeds each year.

Donor advised fund - minimum $25,000
- Select the recipient on a year-by-year basis

Millennium Fund
- Under an arrangement with the Prince Albert Conexus Credit Union, a donor may borrow in multiples of $2,000 interest free with a 5-year payback. PAAC foundation receives the funds immediately and you receive a tax receipt for the whole amount immediately, and you have 5 years to pay the loan back and NO interest.

Operating capital

- Foundations operate on a fee charged against the earnings. For example a 1% point for administration with our present fund would be $5,000.

The Conexus Credit Union has been extremely generous. Besides providing an office and Boardroom at no charge and the Millennium Club project mentioned earlier, they have also advanced us actual dollars to cover overhead expenses.


20 YEARS 1999-2019

The Prince Albert and Area Community Foundation provides donors with a variety of options for allocating the income from their gifts.

Community Fund

Your donation, if not designated, is used to respond to the changing needs of Prince Albert and area.

Family Fund

Families or individuals can make a lasting contribution to the community. This fund carries your family name in perpetuity.

Agency Endowment Fund

A charitable organization creates an endowment fund within the foundation to which anyone - such as members of the board of directors or other supporters - may contribute. The foundation provides expert investment management, and the annual income from the fund is paid to the charity.

Designated Fund

You specify on or more charitable organizations as the perpetual beneficiaries of the annual income from your gift.

Donor Advised Fund

You decide how you want the annual income of your donation used and advise the Foundation on the selection of recipients on a year-by-year basis.

Minimum contribution levels are in place for these designated funds.