Board Members  PAACF - 1999 to 2019

        Abrametz, Peter                                                    Fournier, Laurent                                       Powell, Hilda  

        Lehnert, Steve                                                       Lindberg, Arne                                           McKkee, Pat
        McLeod, Neil                                                         Phillips-Leson, Marlyn                              Pidborochynski, Jerrold
        Powell, Hilda                                                          Sully, Stephen                                           Turcotte, Marianne
        Woodward, Robin                                                 Zurowski, Ted                                             Beddome, Garth
        Benard, Ryan                                                          Bergson, Perry                                          Bertrand, Nicole
        Blom, Rene                                                             Bryson, Bob                                               Cherkewich, Carol
        Chongva, Leanne                                                  Dalziel, Rob                                                Diakow, Wayne
        Fournier, Laurent                                                   Froats, Tammy                                           Lehnert, Steve
        Lindberg, Arne                                                       Mckee, Pat                                                 McLeod, Neil
        Phillips-Leson, Marlyn                                          Sully, Stephen                                           Woodward, Robin
        Zurowski, Ted

Tammy Froats.

Marlyn Philips-Leson

Joseph Kiunga - Board member since 2018

Executive-Director - Simba Strategic Solutions Inc.

Joseph Kiunga is the Founder and Executive Director of Simba

Strategic Solutions Inc.  Simba Strategic Solutions Inc. assists

organizations, business and governments to solve complex problems that require a collaborative approach supported by in-depth research. Joseph has over 20 years experience in professional business management. He has worked in Accounting, Banking, Finance, Real Estate, Recreation, and Tourism. He was General Manager for Prince Albert and District Community Futures, and the Campus Manager of Saskatchewan Polytechnic Students Association Prince Albert Campus. Joseph originally hails from Kenya and immigrated to Canada in 2001, with Prince Albert being home for the past 12 years. He holds a B.Ed. (Science) from Kenyatta University, an MBA in Community Economic Development from Cape Breton University and CPA (Kenya). Joseph serves on several community boards and committees including

Prince Albert Multicultural Council.

Jim McKnight, Businessman (Retired) - joined Board in 2016

Jim McKnight has been a proud resident of Prince Albert since 1966, and has

been involved in the community for the past  50 years. He and his wife Barbara

have raised two daughters here and owned and operated P.A. Dry Cleaners and Career Uniform & Linen for 22 years.  Jim has been extensively involved in his community—he spent 7 ½ years on City Council; served as a Board Member and Chair of the Holy Family Hospital; was a member of the Board of Directors of Ducks Unlimited Canada for 11 years as well as participating in the local DU chapter for 25 years; was a long-time member of the Prince Albert Kinsmen Club, Governor of District 3 and Kinsmen National Secretary; sat on the Board of the Victoria Hospital Foundation for 7 years;  and has spent 20 years on the Prince Albert Crime Stoppers Board of Directors.He firmly believes that serving your community is a privilege, and that you get back what you give. Jim is looking forward to being a part of the Prince Albert and Area Community Foundation Board.

Marlaina Hauser, Office Manager, PA Bottlers - joined Board in 2009

Marlaina Hauser is thrilled to be on the Prince Albert and Area Community

Foundation board. She truly believes in investing in your community

through donations held in perpetuity to help others long-term.  She was born and raised in Prince Albert and surrounding lake area and Prince Albert will always hold a special place as home in her heart. Marlaina is the third generation working as the Office Manager in the family business of P.A. Bottlers Ltd – which distributes Coca-Cola products in Northern Saskatchewan and Northern Manitoba with its head office in Prince Albert.  Marlaina and her husband enjoy travelling to experience new cultures and try new foods and local beverages.

Bill Powalinsky, CEO, Community Centre of Prince Albert -  joined

Board in 2017 ​- Bio not available 

Bryan Rindal - Owner/Certified Financial Planner, BTR Financial

Planning Inc. joined Board in 1999
Bryan Rindal has a sound background in Financial Planning 

being involved in the investment and insurance industries for more than 25 years.  He established BTR Financial Planning in 1992 and continues to be very active in the business community of Prince Albert. 
Bryan’s participation in the life of the community is extensive, with directorships in Junior Achievement of Prince Albert, the Prince Albert Golf and Curling Club, Prince Albert Chamber of Commerce, Investment Saskatchewan, the 1999 Canadian Western Summer Games and the Premier’s Dinner.
He gained a new perspective on social issues as he chaperoned a group of students to Ecuador in 2013 with the Free the Children/Me to We program.  Sports has always been important with the Rindal family and Bryan was a softball coach with ADFO (Aallcann Developmental Fastpitch Organization) for over 10 years – winning with his teams at Provincial, Western Canadian and National levels. 
Bryan joined the Prince Albert and Area Community Foundation in its infancy and currently serves as Treasurer and the Chairperson of the Investment Committee.  His dedication to the Foundation forms an important part of its history.


Delphine Melchert - Owner, Operator Delphine Melchert Program

Development & Coordination Inc. - joined Board in 2016
Delphine is a long -time resident of Prince Albert.  She and her husband,

Wayne have raised 2 sons here in Prince Albert and have participated

extensively in the life of the community. Following her retirement from a long career in Community Education in 2008, Delphine started her own business where she continues to develop innovative community education programming and was recently awarded the 2016 Saskatchewan Literacy Network Award of Merit for the development of the Supported Model of training for level 1 & 2 Learners.  Delphine is pleased to be a board member and believes deeply in the merits of an inclusive, healthy community and sees the supports provided by the Community Foundation as a big part of making this happen!  

Board member

Myrna Nagy, Business Person  (Retired) - joined Board in 2016
Myrna Nagy grew up in Prince Albert, married  Frank, and raised three

children who added five grandchildren to their family.  Myrna has had

a long career in retail operating businesses in Prince Albert and Waskesiu for over forty years. The nature of her businesses enabled her to become involved in many community organizations and events, many of which she is still active in today .

The biggest reward is to know on some small way she has made a difference.  Although her experiences are varied she hopes her long time involvement with the Waskesiu Foundation as a board member will benefit  PAACF.  As a newcomer to the board she looks forward to working with and for the Community Foundation . 

 Board Members of PAACF - 2019

Robin Woodward

Merv  Bender

Merv  Bender, Jim Scarrow

Garth Beddome

Rhonda Keays, Bookkeeper
Rhonda joined the PAACF team in June of 2017 as a part-time Bookkeeper. 

  • Merv Bender
  • Colleen Bowerstock
  • Don Blocka
  • John Bodnarchuk
  • John Boyd
  • Colleen Bowerstock
  • Eleanor Calder
  • Bette Desjarlais
  • Barb Gustafson
  • Mitch Holash
  • Ajay Krishan
  • Kelly Marshall
  • Jack Matheson
  • Don Mitchell
  • Ken Paskaruk
  • Zoe Piggott
  • Hilda Powell
  • Bryan Rindal
  • Bernice Sayese
  • Jim Scarrow
  • Merv Schneider
  • Daryl Snider
  • Brent Zabaraschuk

Barb Gustafson

Garth Beddome

Merv Bender

Marianne Turcotte 


Robin Woodward

​​​Marilyn Peterson, Executive Director
Marilyn has worked in Prince Albert since 1978.  She  has been with PAACF since 2000 when she was hired in a temporary position to develop Bylaws and Terms of Committees - and is still here.  Marilyn brings a background as Employment Counsellor, Vocational Rehab Consultant, program developer, Justice of the Peace and Crisis Worker.  Marilyn served on numerous community Boards/Committees in Prince Albert and Christopher Lake. When she semi-retired from other work in 2014, she was  eager to devote more time to the Community Foundation.  She claims credit for 2 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.




Founding Board Members PAACF - 1999