Applications Now Closed - Successful Applicant was the project "The Power of Knowledge:  An Evidence and Community-Informed Approach to Increasing Protective Factors Against Gender-Based Violence" by the Catholic Family Services of Prince Albert.              

Women’s organizations and movements in Canada and around the world are on the frontlines of change—holding the line, demanding equality and driving transformation. Building on this momentum, in 2019, Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) became one of the founding partners of the Equality Fund, a groundbreaking collaboration that will deliver new momentum for women’s movements in Canada and around the world. 

Building on this commitment, Community Foundations of Canada and participating community foundations are developing a multi-year collaboration with the Equality Fund, with support from the Government of Canada. This collaborative effort will seed initiatives and activities that will work to advance gender equality from coast to coast to coast, by engaging girls, women, trans* people, and other community members from across diverse lived experiences.

Who can apply for a grant?   A Targeted Opportunity as the Pilot Fund for Gender Equality is a targeted grantmaking opportunity led by 26 participating community foundations. This specific pilot opportunity is only available to organizations that have received this Applicant Guide directly from a participating community foundation.

The learnings from the Pilot Fund will inform later, public opportunities and initiatives that will support later efforts to advance gender equality in all parts of Canada.

 What projects are eligible for funding?   The Pilot Fund will support a wide range of projects that advance gender equality in Canada through at least one of the Pilot Fund’s three core themes:

  • Peace - Supporting girls, women and trans* people as they build lives free from gender-based violence;
  • Power - Shifting economic, political, and social power, as well as power over one’s own body, towards increased equality between genders;
  • Planet - Strengthening participation, leadership, and climate justice for girls, women and trans* people as they building more sustainable futures.

Eligible expenditures include reasonable and essential expenditures to carry out a project.

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GRANTS OF UP TO $15,000.00!

Applications Now Closed - Successful Applicants are "Community Reset" project by the

Birch Hills Community Church and "Power of Being a Girl" project by the YWCA.

  • Are you between the ages of 15-29? 
  • Do you have bold ideas for how to help your community?

Prince Albert & Area Community Foundation joined the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge to make 2 Grants available to youth-led projects that address diverse and urgent local priorities.

The RBC Future Launch Community Challenge will enable youth to apply for funding to support their bold ideas to address urgent community priorities. It is an opportunity for young people to lead, learn new skills, gain experience, and build relationships in their local communities -- all things that will help them prepare for the future of work. Prince Albert & A rea Community Foundation will also bring youth and community members together for ‘Vital Conversations,’ community dialogue focused on creating a better future together.

“RBC believes strongly in the power, vision and potential of youth, and the influence they can have in their communities,” said Mark Beckles, senior director, Youth Strategy and Innovation, RBC. “That’s why we are thrilled to partner with CFC to help young people make a difference in communities across Canada while building the 21st century skills needed to prepare for the future of work." 



The IRP’s goal is to help social enterprises move towards being investment-ready. Funding can be used to research, launch, design, measure and scale up your social enterprise. Funds are intended to be used to access outside expert advice or services or create dedicated staff capacity. Examples include: 

  • Exploring a new business idea or developing a business plan to test the feasibility
  • Creating a marketing plan to reach new audiences and increase revenue
  • Planning new products or services to grow revenue
  • Preparing the documentation needed to approach potential investors as you move towards taking on investment capital 

The funds are not eligible for use towards core operating costs. They should move your enterprise forward along the spectrum from idea to investment-ready. 

What are the amounts of funding available?  Social purpose organizations can request between $10,000 and $100,000.

What is a social enterprise?   An organization or program that is mission-driven, aiming to sell goods or services to earn a revenue, while also helping achieve positive social, cultural or environmental results. Consult our IRP glossary for more terms and definitions.

Who can apply?   If you are a  Charity - Non-profit - Co-op  - For-profit social enterprise

The IRP is open to social purpose organizations in every part of  Canada, including in rural and remote regions, and the North. Find out if a local community foundation is administering the IRP in your community. In all cases, applicants are required to submit their application via the same online portal. If your area is served by a community foundation administering the IRP, it will be evaluated locally. If not, applications will be directed to CFC.

When can I apply to the IRP?  CFC and community foundations will hold up to 3 funding rounds before March 31, 2021. The application period for the first round runs from January 8th 2020 to February 10th 2020 - now closed. 

Subsequent rounds will be held in 2020.  

CFC and the community foundation network are one of five national organizations delivering the Government of Canada’s IRP funding. Others are the Chantier de l’économie sociale, the NACCA, the NAFC and the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

How do I apply to the IRP?   Visit to find out more information and begin the application process.

Can I apply to the IRP more than once?  Social purpose organizations may only submit one application per IRP funding round. They may resubmit their project for further consideration in our second and third rounds of funding. They may also submit an application for a different project in a subsequent funding round. 

What can IRP non-repayable capital be used for?   Social purpose organizations can use IRP funding for any activity that will help their social enterprise move along the spectrum towards being ready for investment. This includes things like business ideation to exploration, to activities that encourage growth, to preparing to seek investment. For a full list of eligible and ineligible costs, please see the CFC IRP Program Guidelines and application form (available in the resource library on the main IRP page).

Does the IRP fund operations or provide core funding?  No. The IRP does not provide funding to support the basic “core” organizational and administrative costs of a social purpose organization. The IRP is designed to support access to new services and tools that will catalyze advancement through a special project or initiative.

Can my social purpose organization apply even if it is not profitable?   Yes. We welcome applications from social purpose organizations at any stage of development, whether you are generating revenue or intend to. For more information about eligibility, please see our program guidelines.

My business creates positive impact in my community. Am I eligible to apply to IRP?   The definition of a social enterprise extends beyond corporate social responsibility or the contribution of some profit to social causes. A social enterprise is an organization or business that uses business approaches and the sale of goods and/or services to pursue a positive impact (social, cultural or environmental). Some factors that contribute to distinguishing a social enterprise include: 
- Impact objectives are embedded in the organization’s purpose,
- The operating model, value chain,  and organizational culture are mission-aligned
- A reasonable percentage of profits are re-invested in the purpose 

The IRP aims to support social enterprises keen on expanding the impact of their social, environmental and/or cultural mission, not to maximize their profits. Eligibility it outlined in more detail in the program guidelines.

What are the criteria by which applications will be evaluated?    To be considered, applicants must meet IRP eligibility criteria, provide the required supporting documentation and describe their social enterprise’s social, environmental or cultural impact or desired impact. They must also successfully demonstrate: 
- Being a solid and stable organization
- How revenue is generated through the sale of goods and services. Or there is a plan to do so?
- The viability and feasibility of their proposed project to move towards investment readiness
- Realistic timelines for the implementation of their proposed project 
- An appropriate project budget, aligned with the amount requested

Applicants should go to  for more information and begin the application process. or go to

​​​​---------- "TOGETHER WE WILL BUILD A BETTER  COMMUNITY" ----------

​​​​---------- "TOGETHER WE WILL BUILD A BETTER  COMMUNITY" ----------

​​​​---------- "TOGETHER WE WILL BUILD A BETTER  COMMUNITY" ----------

​​​​---------- "TOGETHER WE WILL BUILD A BETTER  COMMUNITY" ----------