Tillie and Joe Kawula Scholarship and Hershel Davidner Memorial Scholarship 

In 1982 a group of Prince Albert business people joined together to create the Prince Albert and District Community Scholarship Fund. It began with the idea that students who volunteer their time to make Prince Albert and district a better place should be rewarded for it. That philosophy still remains and is the basis for the scholarships being offered this year. Academic standing is a factor, however community involvement and volunteerism will carry the largest influence in determining recipients.

  • The Tillie and Joe Kawula Scholarship is named in honor of Tillie Kawula and her husband Joe. Tillie was an outstanding community volunteer and a recipient of the Prince Albert Citizen of the Year Award. For over twenty‐five years this scholarship has provided financial help to local high school graduates pursuing post‐secondary education.

  • The Hershel Davidner Memorial Scholarship is named for the late Hershel Davidner who owned Davidner’s Clothing and Western Wear Ltd. During those years Mr. Davidner donated greatly to students through scholarships leading to post‐ secondary education.

One application will apply to both awards. These scholarships are open to Grade 12 graduates from all Grade 12 programs, who  are entering a recognized university or technical institute. 

Applications may be mailed or delivered in person to:

Prince Albert and District Community Scholarship Fund

c/o Pat Weir, Lawton Partners

460 South Industrial Drive

Prince Albert, SK      S6V 7L8 

​*  Two $1000.00 Scholarships awarded in 2019

​​​​​---------- "TOGETHER WE WILL BUILD A BETTER  COMMUNITY" ----------

20 YEARS 1999-2019

​​​​​---------- "TOGETHER WE WILL BUILD A BETTER  COMMUNITY" ----------


​NEW FOR 2019 - GAIL HARTSOOK Scholarships

​"Gail’s life was colorful, adventurous and very rewarding" is the way her family

describes Gail Hartsook.. .

Gail passed away suddenly in her home in Saskatoon in 2017 at the age of 71.. Gail

was the first born child  in a family of six children, growing up on a small farm in Saskatchewan,. She excelled in school and after high school went on to Bible School and University.  Although she had no children of her own she was a special Auntie to her sibs kids as well as many of her friends' children.  Gail always encouraged excellence and furthering education in their chosen careers..

She was dedicated to each of her jobs and well respected by her peers. Her first position was in Vancouver in social work field, then she became Director of the Prince Albert Mobile Crisis Center for which she was instrumental in its inception. Other positions over the years took her to Chisaibi,Quebec, Duck Lake, Moose Jaw, Sturgeon Lake and Saskatoon in Saskatchwan..  She was usually in a leadership role and had the opporuntiy to use her extensive knowledge and expertise provide more and better services to those in need.  

Gail was a hard working individual who loved her work, her colleagues and her clients.  She especially enjoyed her work with and among First Nations People.  When she passed away the family discovered a way to benefit others as we sought to reduce taxes on Gail’s RRSP’s. We learned of the Prince Albert and Area Community Foundation and that we could establish a perpetuating legacy in her name, to be known as the Gail Hartsook fund. Because Gail’s expertise was in the area of Social Work, we are pleased to offer scholatships for students studying in this field.  

Scholarships awarded in 2019  - two of $2000.00  in Social Work and two of $1500.00 in Teacher's Aide.

COLLIN LAROCHE  MEMORIAL Scholarship - Birch Hills  

"Collin Laroche was really an old soul at heart" is the way his family remembers him..

Collin grew up learning how to love, be honest, be compassionate, be  respectful,

have fun, work hard, be accountable for his actions and treat others as he would

like to be treated himself. Collin impacted many people by the way he chose

to live life himself. He possessed strong personal attributes that contributed to

his very purpose in life. Collin lost his life at 24 years old, trying to save the lives of 2 others. 

The LaRoche family states "We want the Collin LaRoche Memorial Scholarship to reflect Collin’s life, what he believed in and what he stood for. We did not want the scholarship to be based on academics. Everyone needs strong personal attributes in life to make a difference in others. We want to encourage graduates to be kind, to give a compliment, a smile, a hug, listen, or thank someone for a job well done. We want the recipient of the scholarship to be a witness to love, respect, compassion and friendship. We want the recipient to be a light and lamp to others by living this example within their family, community and workplace." 

​​​Criteria: ​

A graduating student from Birch Hills School who embraces and exemplifies the characteristics of friendship, compassion, love and respect - the successful recipient will be selected at the discretion of the Staff/Administration.

  • For more information please contact:

   Birch Hills School

   Box 219 Birch Hills, SK S0J 0G0

   Phone: (306) 749-3301 

*  Scholarship of $300.00 awarded in 2019